This is what we do

Our modelling service brings years of experience at an affordable price for everyone

  • Detailed, accurate 3D models
  • We give you the model so you can spin, fly-through & edit
  • Clients range from blue chip companies to home-owners
  • Our models have been the key to competition winning projects
  • Far cheaper and quicker than BIM
  • Great quality visuals, photo-realistic if required
What is Sketchup?

Sketchup is a piece of software owned by Google that allows you to model anything in 3D. The basic software is free, allowing you to fly around and walkthrough a 3D model without having to pay a penny.

Why not download it here >

Who uses it?

Primarily Architects use Sketchup because of the speed and ease of creating building models. Despite its simplicity, to get good results from it without spending months modelling and rendering can take a lot of practice.

We can produce quality Sketchup models cheaply and quickly

With over 5 years experience of using the software, we have modellers who have produced models for a wide cross section of professional clients - international companies, private developers to home-owners.

What might I use a Sketchup 3d model for?

A Sketchup model helps you to explore all the options available and try ideas before a project gets too far. It can then be a great visual aid for helping to explain what your plans are. We can create a model of an existing building so you can play around with some ideas of what you might like to do with it. We can also model your proposals and produce all the 3d information you might need for a planning application or to give to contractors, estate agents or other interested parties

Competition winning models

Our models have been utilised for all sorts of uses - see below for details of some of our case study projects. We have created models that have helped developers to obtain planning applications, win competitive tenders and much more. A 3d model is the number one way to win people round.

Have a look at our case studies

1) Case study 1

Our Client wanted a model showing an office floorplate with a proposed partition and furniture layout. The intention was to try out various ideas, present them in a series of internal meetings and then sell the signed-off scheme to staff. The model provided the perfect means to do this, with newcomers to the project able to comprehend exactly what was going on and able to provide instant comment. The model allowed each staff member to take the interactive model and virtually walk around their new office environment.

2) Case study 2

This scheme was modelled for a developer wishing to get buy-in from a prospective tenant for a new commercial development. The idea of the model was to show that the building scheme was real rather than just some basic, sketchy cad drawings. The model only took 2 days to create from minimal information. It includes landscaping, with trees and silhouetted people. We can also include photo-realistic people.

3) Case study 3

We produced this model of an existing bungalow for a house-holder eager to try out some changes to the building using their own copy of Sketchup. The model was created using some existing survey drawings that came with the property, however we can also model from your own dimensions and photographs should you require it. The model is divided into a series of groups that can be moved or hidden as required.